The Family C.A.F.E.

The Family C.A.F.E.

Print Design / Illustration / Ad Design

The Family C.A.F.E. is a three day conference held annually in Orlando, Florida which provides individuals with disabilities and their families a wide range of public and private resources, including opportunities to find support by networking with other families, as well as unprecedented access to policy-making officials.

Each year an event book is provided to the attendees which lists all of the breakout sessions, events and exhibitors taking place during the 3 day event. With the attendees looking through the 130-page book for information while they are walking through a crowded convention hall, the book had to list the information in a clear, organized way. Past books had issues where event descriptions jumped to the next page, icons that were supposed to make things easier to find were too visually complicated, and the book lacked a clear visual theme relating to the event to hold everything together. With a deadline fast approaching, the book had to be done quickly, while keeping to a strict budget. On top of that, a few ads would have to be created for exhibitors who were unable to provide their advertisements that were scheduled to appear in the book.

New icons would have to be created, as well as visuals for the book to match the event's theme. Special attention to detail would have to be made to keep the event descriptions from jumping pages as more events were added after the client's deadline. The book cover would require a hand-drawn illustration of the Family C.A.F.E. mascot with instructions from the client of how it should look.

Sanczel Designs started from scratch by creating a new icon set which would be easily recognizable to attendees as they flipped through the book. We also adjusted the layout to each individual page in the booklet so that no event description would "jump" to the next page. Eliminating page breaks as well as keeping the icons aligned to the appropriate proved very challenging while accommodating last minute changes to the schedule. A theme was added to tie the pages together visually, and with our background of a combined 30 years in print ad-making, we were able to create any exhibitor ads that were needed, as well as coordinating with the printer regarding any technical requirements. All of this was done while keeping within the printer's deadline, even as the client made changes and added events after their own self-imposed deadline.

Thanks to Sanczel Design's ability to illustrate the cover, design the visual layout of the pages, paginate the information, as well as create any necessary exhibitor advertisements, the finished 130-page booklet was completed within a very short timeline, allowing the printer to print the 7,000 copies needed to provide to attendees during the 3-day conference. It's with this very broad skill set that Sanczel Designs brings to each job that allows us to provide companies very powerful ways to complete their projects within tight deadlines and budgets.

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